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One of the most highly anticipated magazine launches has to be the Net-A-Porter Group's first paper publication 'Porter' due for global release tomorrow 7th February.

We all know Net-A-Porter as the e-commerce fashion success story that boasts a weekly digital magazine called The Edit, so why a print magazine?

Imran Amed, Founder & CEO of Business of Fashion sat down with the Net-A-Porter Group's Founder & Executive Chairman, Natalie Massenet, Lucy Yeomans, Editor in Chief of Porter & formerly Editor in Chief of UK Harpers Bazaar and Tess Mcloud Smith Publishing Dircector to discuss the Strategy for Porter magazine.

Imran poses the question of the thinking behind a bi-monthly print publication, a magazine that is published only six times a year and costs $9.99, four dollars more than US Vogue.

What is the Net-A-Porter Groups usp in such a highly competitive market as women's fashion magazines?

"We've talked about how the Net-A-Porter Group is actually not just a retail company, but it's a media company. And if we're a serious media company we couldn't ignore one of the most important existing media, which is print." Massenet told BOF.

"We said if we're going to do a print magazine, lets do a great print magazine...and then the wizardry of the Net-A-Porter Group comes behind the scenes in shopability, personal service, customer care, globalness." Natalie Massenet.

Porter magazine by Net-A-Porter will hit shelves around the world tomorrow, a global English edition!

Check out BOF's video for the rest of the interview.


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