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As Cartier's fabulous exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris closes tomorrow, I urge anyone who may be in the City of Lights to pay a visit.

A little bit of luxe for the weekend is my post below which I wrote back in 2012 featuring the amazing short film which was part of Cartier's ad campaign 'L'Odyssee de Cartier'

A true work of art and featuring Cartier's lucky charm...the regal panther.

Enjoy x

As a brand consultant, I get very excited about new campaigns especially with the luxury brands as they can draw on the best creative talents and the result is always something special.

None more so special then Cartier’s L’Odyssee de Cartier and YSL’s Opium campaign films.

Not only are these beautifully shot with incredible cinematic scenes, but they both feature panthers, another one of my passions are big cats and these panthers are exquisite.

In Cartier’s L’Odyssee de Cartier, we are taken on the Panther’s journey as the historic icon of the house from its First Breath scene to Russia, China and India and finally back home to Place Vendome in Paris.

Powerful, elegant and serene the panther epitomises the Cartier woman, an elegance captured in Cartier’s timeless collections.

No expense was spared with this campaign film, an 84 piece orchestra recorded the arrangement composed by Pierre Adenot at Abbey Road Studios.

Three young panthers called Cali, Tiga and Damou performed as the Cartier panther.

I will let this stunning film speak for itself……


I remember the first television ad for YSL Opium in the 80s, the concept being to capture the exoticism of the Far East, evoking heady scents of spices, hues of amber and opulence, and as a little girl that is exactly what I felt as I watched, you felt you were enveloped in the scent whilst following the model’s adventure.

In this latest advertorial campaign which features the actress Emily Blunt, the panther prowls in a room of gold, ambers and terracotta, exuding that air of danger, opulence and pure luxury that we will always associate with Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium.



If you share my love of the big cats of Africa and India, you can help support them and also engage with them through programs run by vital organisations such as African Impact, check them out if you would like to help aid the survival of these magnificent creatures.

For volunteer programs such as Hands on Lion Conservation at Antelope Park in the Zimbabwe Midlands check out

(All Cartier & YSL images are stills taken from their respective campaigns on YouTube. African Impact image taken from the African Impact site)